Artist: Finding Favour
Song: Refuge

Artist: Amanda Cook & Bethel Music
Song: You Make Me Brave
Artist: Shawn McDonald
Song: Open Me
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Artist: Kim Walker
Song: Fill Me Up
Artist: Laura Woodley
Album: Home
Song: Psalm 139

Artist: Kim Walker / Jesus Culture
Song: How He Loves Us
Artist: Kim Walker
Song: I Need You More



What is soaking?

Soaking is laying down and resting in the presence of God as worship plays and you allow it to wash over you to minister to the depths of your soul in a way that you let go of all the cares, fear, worries, thoughts and enter a complete place of openness to hear the truth of The Lord.  If you think of a sponge that is completely dry and then it is submerged into water, that sponge is now filled with water.  The Lord desires us to submerge ourselves in His presence in such a way that His river of love can fill us, heal us and speak truth to all our "dead" dry or wounded areas.  As we allow Him to pour into us to the point that He begins pouring freely out of us, He can then use us as a conduit of His love to those around us.  

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